Rainy Days in Oxford, Ohio

This article was written in 2018 by Enjoy Oxford's Public Relations Intern, Melanie Oesch. It was updated by staff on February 24th, 2023.

Honestly, I love the rain. One of my favorite sounds is the rain pouring against my window. Maybe I'm crazy, but it really doesn't bother me that when I get rained on (except maybe when I'm walking 25 minutes to class with my laptop). However, I completely understand that most people don't share that same sentiment! Even though I don't mind the rain, it can still be hard to think of exciting ways to pass the time when it's pouring down buckets outside! But don't worry, I've got you covered.

If you're thinking there couldn't possibly be that many indoor activities in such a small town, you're in for a treat. Of course, there's the classic rainy day list: have a Netflix movie marathon, bake some cookies, read a book, go to the library, etc. In addition to those, there's also so many other fun options! Although Oxford is known for being a small college town, there seems to be endless things to do. If you want to know a few of my favorite places to go when it's raining, keep reading!

A photo of people making art at a pottery studio.

Tap into your creative side and paint some pottery

You're Fired! (6. North Beech St.) is Oxford's only paint-your-own-pottery studio. I used to have so much more time for art (fun fact: I used to want to go to art school), but I've drifted away from it since I've been in college. The reason I love this place so much is because it's a super quick and easy way to be creative and have something to be proud of! You get to choose your clay piece and decorate it with whatever colors your heart desires. Then after seven days, you get to take a new bowl, mug, plate, vase, or other piece to add to your home!

You're Fired Weekday hours (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) are 11 am - 7 pm with Friday and Saturday hours from 12 pm - 8 pm. Keep an eye on their calendar for daily specials and workshop sign-ups as well. They are always adding fun new classes to their calendar!

A photo of a woman inspecting a peice of art at a gallery.

Wander through the Richard and Carole Cocks Art Museum (at Miami University)

If you're not too sure about making your own art, admire the artwork other people have created instead! The Richard and Carole Cocks Art Museum (formerly known as the Miami Art Museum, 801 S. Patterson Ave.) is part of the College of Creative Arts and is free and open to all. The exhibitions change frequently to showcase new artists, so even if you've been before, there's probably a new collection you have yet to discover!

The Miami University Art Museum is open Tuesday-Friday from 10 am - 5 pm and Saturdays 12 pm- 5 pm and FREE to the public. New Exhibitions at The Richard and Carole Cocks Art Museum will open from January 25 - June 11, 2022. And don't forget to read up on their new gallery exhibits which change every year!

Want to stay out of the rain and enjoy the art from the comfort of your couch? You can Enjoy the 2020 Miami University Art Museum from home #MUAMfromHome with some of their online exhibits. Read more here.

A photo of a yoga instructor and instructees in a large yoga gym.

Relax and unwind at a yoga class

The Miami Recreation Center (750 S. Oak St.) offers yoga classes for all skill levels! Now usually I'm more of a classic gym-goer, but my friends and I love going to yoga classes if we want to get an intense yet relaxing workout in. Especially on a rainy day, it can be hard to find the motivation to go to the gym by yourself, so signing up for a group class is the perfect way to motivate yourself to be active.

Fitness classes at the Miami University Rec Center are going strong so you can get your workout on (requires the purchase of a group fitness pass). Check out a full schedule of current fitness classes, here.

A photo of the old school bowling alley 'Oxford Lanes."

Strike out at Oxford Lanes

I may not be the best bowler, but that sure doesn't stop me from trying. Renting a lane at Oxford Lanes (4340 Oxford Reily Rd.) is a fun way to spend an evening with a group of friends if you're trying to avoid the nasty weather outside. They have food and drinks available as well to fuel you through your games!

A photo of four students laughing and enjoying coffee.

Grab a cup of coffee at Kofenya

On a gloomy day, a warm cup of coffee at Kofenya (38 W. High St.) is the perfect pick-me-up. Its quaint atmosphere makes the weather seem a lot less dreary and a lot cozier. When it's raining all day, sometimes I have a (not-so-great) tendency to want to curl up on the couch and watch movies all day long. If I need to actually be productive or simply want to get out of the house with some friends, Kofenya is my favorite place to caffeinate!

Kofenya's one of our many amazing local businesses who have worked hard to make it through the difficulties of this past year, and recently gave the shop a face lift! Right now they're open (7 am- 9 pm daily) and serving you the delicious coffee you've come to know and love, as well as their signature loaded toasts and more. Seats are available both indoors and out. They also have an online menu you can order for pickup or delivery.

A photo of a father holding his young daughters hand on an ice rink.

Enjoy Ice-Skating at Goggin

In order to hide away from the rain clouds outside, delve into some indoor ice skating at Miami University’s very own Goggin Ice Center. It is a family-friendly pass-time, but be sure to bundle up! Going around the rink where the University’s hockey team plays is a great way to get rid of the rainy day blues.

Ice skating at Goggin is offered on Fridays from 12:10 PM - 1:10 PM, and Saturdays/Sundays from 3:15 PM - 5:00 PM (this time until April 21st, 2023). During the regular academic year, additional public skates are available.

A closeup photo of nachos.BONUS: Order delivery

Food delivery is made for rainy days. It's like peanut butter and jelly, or cookies and milk. They just go together.

So spend your rainy day staying cozy in a robe and slippers and let someone else bring the deliciousness to you. Oxford has plenty of options for food delivery so whether you're in the mood for pizza or sushi or a big ol' burger, you can have it to you within the hour.

Written Nov. 2, 2018
By Melanie Oesch
Enjoy Oxford Public Relations Intern

(Updated February 24th, 2023 by Enjoy Oxford staff)

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